Thursday, November 02, 2006

November 1st, on the second. Of course.

Since I spoke earlier of power outages and all manner of connectivity problems, I am doubling up for NoBloPoMo.

So Halloween! Jake and I did nothing. Nothing for Fantasy Fest (which for those of you unfamiliar with the celebration is like a nakeder, drunker version of Mardi Gras), nothing for Halloween. It was great - no pressure to come up with costumes, no last minute panic for babysitters.

I did, however, take the time this year to sew the bird girl a costume. Alice in Wonderland. Seeing some of the costume choices other mothers allowed thier children, (Seriously, some of them would have made Paris Hilton blush.) I was THRILLED when the bird chose this pattern. Except I didn't have a sewing machine. So I bought this:

It is a sewing machine smaller than a beer! I don't even drink beer! And if I did drink beer, it would not be this beer!
I'm not going to win Project Runway on it or anything, but it was fine. See that rack of clothing in the background? It is the ironing I am supposed to be doing instead of writing things on the internet.

Key West Fun Fact! This is what they do to each other (and cars, and household pets) after they are done trick or treating. This is why we let her go with her friends this year. I didn't grow up with shaving cream as a part of halloween, but it's big down here, like black beans and rice.

Happy Halloween! Late!


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