Monday, August 07, 2006

Lanai, and other things.

We spend a lot of time on our lanai. For those of you who don't live in Florida lanai means porch. Here is a photo of our lanai. It's sort of a mess this morning but I twisted my knee and was unable to tidy yesterday.

Please note the houses on the other side of the fence. We are close neighbors here in Key West! We are in a very neighborhood-y place. Which is why it was curious one evening to hear a horse whinney. There was simultaneous distraction from books with matching looks of "why I do believe I just heard a horse whinney, but that seems an unlikely thing to hear in Key West so shall ignore it forthwith".
Until the next day. See there by the grill? Behind that fence someone is keeping a Shetland Pony. I have neither a ladder or the inclination to violate my neighbors privacy so at this time do not have photographic evidence of said pony, but just asks my daughter who "checks on the horse" (and promply reports the location and activities) approximately every eight minutes.
I've a wide variety of thoughts on this, from "How... eccentric" to "Is it mean to have a little pony in this heat? Are ponies indigenous to Florida?" to "I suppose it's not worse than having a dog" to "Where the hell are these f&*#!@* flies coming from? Oh.". I am fairly certain there is some sort of ordinance but given that it is Key West where there are actually city commission meetings about protecting the chickens that are all over the place here, who knows?
People here bring giant lizards and parrots into the supermarkets with them. There is a man who rides a big harley davidson with a parrot on his head. All the time. Iguanas on leashes. I've adjusted to lizards all over the place all the time (we like them! they eat bugs), cockroaches (not palmetto bugs as the Florida Tourism Council would have you belive) laying on thier backs all over the house.
I have even adjusted to scorpions in that I no longer scream in terror, but rather just jump on the furniture and do the whisper scream/whimper/cry thing that is more comforting to the neighbors. Hey! This is a perfect time for a "Should You Ever Find Yourself Living in a Tropical Environment Tip". Tip #1 - Plastic market bags and 2 litre soda bottles in the cupboard under the sink make excellent scorpion traps, if you're into that sort of thing.
So why shouldn't there be a pony next door, who is right now at this moment, in the shade looking at my daughter through the fence. So you know.

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