Friday, January 13, 2006

The Backyard 1

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A month later

I haven't had the time to cobble together a paragraph so just some random notes.

1. When one moves from 860 sq. ft to 1817 sq. ft. there are adjustments one makes. Most of these are good adjustments. The house phone and the cell phone being on opposite ends of the abode in most instances are not one of the good ones. Getting my exercise is good I suppose, but I refuse to wear my Blackberry holster on my bathrobe in the morning.

2. New neighbors may not be inclined to bring welcome to the neighborhood cakes if in one day they observe you vaccumming the gravel in the front yard (how could they know how hard it is to get foil confetti out of pea gravel? I was trying at least.) and later hear you bellow from the back yard "if you want to ride your scooter by the pool you may not do it in your underwear and a cape."

3. If you have to take several weeks off work and come back thinking "everything is under control - maybe I'm not as necessary as I once thought", think again. The surface illusion will roil over and everything will be just as insane as you remembered.

4. Moving 3.1 miles is dumber than moving 3100 miles. You pack less things with the "I'll just drive this over in the car" attitude. Then you live in a rubble pile of ridiculousness.

5. This morning I realized that for the 13 years prior to my moving to Key West, I lived in a place that had a lot of shipwrecks. I am reading about all of the shipwrecks in the Florida Keys right now, and it seems like a strange coincidence and even stranger personal statement to make about one's self. "For reasons unknown to me I tend to reside in places with a history of many shipwrecks".