Wednesday, November 16, 2005


There are things that happen to you when you live here that are sort of ill-defined moments that are germane to living here, only.
Walking back from the bus stop I overhear the Bahamian woman talking to her son about someone having the third-eye. At the same time I look down at the street and see a clear blue marble and it startles me. I am simutaneously compelled and afraid to pick it up. I don't.
Standing in my office parking lot a heron the size of a motorcycle lands about 3 feet from me, then darts forward for a lizard. I stand watching the lump go down it's skinny neck. It took 5 or 6 swallows, then flew away.
I wore a khaki suit, t-shirt and flip-flops to a company business breakfast meeting at which we announced a merger to the employees being merged. I was dressed up.


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