Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Good Morning Key West

7:04am - Employee calls says there is someone moaning and gurgling in the pool, I advise to call the police department.

7:06am - Police have been called, employee explains that a large naked drunk man is in the pool, expressing loudly that he does not know how he got there.

7:30am - Naked drunk man decides to stop talking to the police. He decides to jump the fence! Naked! Naked drunk man runs next door and up 4 flights of stairs which are open air stairs, facing the hotel. More police come.

7:51am - Naked drunk man remembers where he is staying next door, but alas - the woman he is staying with has a warrant out for her arrest and will not open the door while the police are there. Poor naked drunk guy, the police give him a towel.

8:00am - Police express concerns as to whether they will be able to get naked drunk guy into the police car without someone getting hurt. They knew him from high school, so decided to let him walk it off a little.


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