Thursday, October 27, 2005

Make haste slowly.

Today we took all the carpet and padding out of our 5000 sq. ft. office in Key West. Water makes carpet heavy, and carpet glue is sticky when wet.
So! There is an estimated 12,000 cars that are ruined in Key West. People here are suffering losses that are not being covered over CNN. We are not the Floridians that were not ready for 72 hours, and I actually respect Jeb for his admonishment (scroll down a bit). It isn't hard to do, it isn't a lot to ask of people. It's not expensive, nor unreasonable. Also? FEMA is doing a great job here. There is plenty available, and easily accessable. Scary as it is to have helicopters with nets flying in over the ocean, it's here.
And still? I love living here. Because moving hundreds of pounds of furniture and thousands of pounds of carpet and padding, one can still make jokes. I can talk the talk and walk the walk and say over and over that only the end of the world is the end of the world, and that yes there is work but it cannot all be done today, and tomorrow isn't that day either, and close the door in my office and cry for 5 minutes because I can't fix everything for everyone right now. I can't do a lot, right now - there are lists for things that need to be done everywhere, and I am on those lists. But the top of the list does not include begging people to come here on the backs of those who cannot get through thier days right now, have no mattresses to sleep on right now, are scared out of thier skin because they have no cars to get to work where there is no work to do right now. People who can get to work are spending 8 to 10 hours a day slagging out crap from thier jobs, and going home to slag the crap out of thier houses.
Pray and happiness to everyone.

Not supposed to have sewage in the laundry room.

You just couldn't believe how hard it is to clean up soap. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

things to remember when planning a vacation in hurricane season

Think about how you speak to a hotel manager who has just been up to her ankles in corrosive detergent and sewage for the last 6 1/2 hours slagging it out with an industrial squeegee.
I, too, am disappointed that your vacation has been cancelled. I'll reflect upon it while I help my staff fill out thier FEMA forms for relief and trade jobs with them so they can get relief supplies. You know, like food and water.
I know how to bite my tounge, it hurts a little, but it works wonder in a world turned upside down.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Coconut Grove, afternoon on Monday.

Crazy thing, right after this we sat in the hotel lobby reading, charging cellphones, chatting with O.J. Simpson. You know, all the regular stuff one does after a storm. We didn't ask for a photo, as we are fairly certain that is why he was keen to chat with us. But it took some self restraint not to snap a picture while he drove away in his white SUV. Posted by Picasa

pre-hurricane photo

Fish at Atlantis Posted by Picasa

not supposed to be a bed in the garden.

 Posted by Picasa

not supposed to be a boat in the road.

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and back again.

We're okay. God loves our team - our house is without nary a scratch. We have power. The ice in the freezer stayed frozen. We're unpacked and tired, but our home and our life is okay.
Work? Who knows yet, I've heard some stories of unhappiness, but we'll get there.

Friday, October 21, 2005

there and back again

Went to nassau just to return in time to evacuate - go or stay, go or stay.....go. Uncle J can't get a flight out of Key West so that's a good as reason as any to spend the weekend in Miami.
It bears mentioning that I have lost a pantload of money from over the weekend, but it just is what it is. Everyone in the southwest start blowing and lets just get it over with.
Totally over hurricanes.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Like FX can black out a playoff game for a paying satellite customer.

They can until they put the alternate channel on the customer serive line in the 2nd inning, it seems.

Go White Sox!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Good Morning Key West

7:04am - Employee calls says there is someone moaning and gurgling in the pool, I advise to call the police department.

7:06am - Police have been called, employee explains that a large naked drunk man is in the pool, expressing loudly that he does not know how he got there.

7:30am - Naked drunk man decides to stop talking to the police. He decides to jump the fence! Naked! Naked drunk man runs next door and up 4 flights of stairs which are open air stairs, facing the hotel. More police come.

7:51am - Naked drunk man remembers where he is staying next door, but alas - the woman he is staying with has a warrant out for her arrest and will not open the door while the police are there. Poor naked drunk guy, the police give him a towel.

8:00am - Police express concerns as to whether they will be able to get naked drunk guy into the police car without someone getting hurt. They knew him from high school, so decided to let him walk it off a little.