Thursday, August 25, 2005

Things that Florida has done to me, specifically.

1. Rearranged my seasonal affective disorder. Thirteen years in Wisconsin and I had become accustom to being indoors mid-November, with cabin fever rearing it's ugly head in late April. Now the AC goes on, first in the bedrooms only around mid-May, but June the house is hermetically sealed, shades down and curtains drawn to keep out the blinding heat. Cabin fever sets in around mid- August.

2. Created a possible second career as meteorologist. June through November everyone in South Florida is an expert. The rest of the time, who cares? It's 75 degrees. But throughout summer and fall there is all manner of discussion about millibars and moderate convection, inverted v's and signature curvature, upper flow and weak ridges. In addition to the mad forcasting skillz, I am confident that I could be a contender if there were olympics for bringing plants, windchimes and furniture indoors. I've got a method.

3. Revealed all of my childhood injuries. Who knew redheads can actually tan? It's true, with the exception of scar tissue. My legs from the knees down are a mosiac of freckles, tan patches and scar tissue. There is where I tried to shave my legs for the first time. There is the place where I put my calf on the motorcycle exaust. There is where I tried skateboarding. There is the car accident of '91. Pretty.

There are other changes, like the inconvenience of having to shave my legs more and never ever ever being able to leave the house without sunglasses, but for now I have to monitor the weather for the Katrina.


Anonymous heather said...

don't forget having to wear a parka when it's 65 degrees....

in chicago, it gets up above 60 degrees we're kicking off our shoes and saying "ooh! summer's just around the corner!"

3:05 PM  

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