Monday, August 01, 2005

still hot.

That will likely be a recurring post title, for several reasons. Firstly, because nearly all the time it's true. On a day in the winter when it's a mere 75 degrees I will not say that it is hot, because I probably have on a long sleeve shirt, which is embarrassing but true. Secondly, an ambiguous title is better than some of the other specific things I am thinking about. Onward.

Key West was weird this week, which is realtive but still. I'm blaming everything from now on Mercury being in retrograde. This happened a block from my house. I love Bahama Village, but change the roles here and it wouldn't be a story buried in page 2 of the local news. And so, I guess that's all I have to say about that. I certainly realize "cracker" hardly holds the profound social and historical implications that the "n word" does, but seriously, asking for directions?

New York Times ran an article in Sunday's Style section. I use this section as my own weekly personal "shit not to do" barometer. Anyhoo, the article is about - wait guess - pompass asses from New York City? Was that last week's article, no wait... oh nevermind. There's really no end to that blackhole of judementalism. So people are looking for new ways to tell people without being overt where they vacation - bumper stickers with airport codes like ACK and the little European things that people in Wisconsin have been putting on thier Volvo Wagons for like 8 years now, even tote bags with zip codes. Well I have 4 regular and one hyphenated words for you losers: Key West hurricane re-entry sticker. I don't care if you summer on Nantucket. One of these summers I'll have the sticker that matters, bitches - the one that lets me back on the island first.

New feature, not guaranteed regularly, but whenever necessary: This week's winner of Jocelyn's Current Favorite Monroe County Arrest Record Mugshot. Steve has no worries about the violation of his probation this week! Keep smiling, Steve! (I should have started this during Spring Break, if ONLY for the mugshots. "Like, does my hair look alright or is it like totally bad - omigod! Cheese!")

Okay after all that a thing I am thankful for: Rick Bayless and his bespectacled self, but more specifically for his recipe for tomatillo braised pork loin, with white beans. I am also thankful for Fausto's carrying fresh bay leaves. And my water bill is only $22 this month! But my electric bill is $255 BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.


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