Sunday, August 28, 2005

Are You Affected by Katrina?

We are happy to not be in Louisiana today.

Our power returned this morning, and we still have to deal with the backyard. Jake is having his way with the yard despite the 100 heat index, the scorpions that haven't retreted to thier hidey-holes, and the ooginess of wet tropical foilage.

I am sitting at the computer waiting for the scented candle to do it's magic in the kitchen because my job - cleaning out the refrigerator and freezer after a 48 hour power outage.

A few tips for those of you who lose power in 90+ temperatures; when the power is restored, don't jump immediately to the task. Let the freezer refreeze and the fridge chill out a while. This takes the stinky factor down, and one is less likely to cart the entire appliance to the curb for FEMA to take away. Have several double bags prepped in advance, as well as VERY HOT dish water with lots of soap. The double bags are a must, as trash once out of the house can quadruple the stinky in the garbage trolley and make the neighbors revolt. The hot soapy water is for cooking or storage containers you cannot part with. So you empty the container into the double bag, throw container into soapy water and run to the porch and sit while your eyes stop watering and gag reflex abates. I have been considering finding a resource for the stuff that forensic investigators and morgue workers wipe under thier noses when dealing with putrified bodies. All said I will just brave it, put in the laundry soap sized boxes of baking soda and pray for those worse off than I.


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