Friday, July 22, 2005


Post hurricane cleanup leaves this place looking bright and terrible; trees stripped of leaves and 8 ft. piles of yard waste in parking places. Mountains of seaweed and sponges are piled on the sand covered roadways along the Atlantic side, ripening in the white hot Key West sun. More interesting are the piles left for FEMA. Hurricanes apparently cause widespread damage to appliances, futon frames and coffee makers, at least on my street.

Non-hurricane related observances for the morning:
  • no recent sightings of the red bloero hat wearing jogging guy - where could he be?
  • Olivia St. 9:10am - rooster flies up into royal poincianna tree, branch breaks. Take that!
  • Flagler Ave. 9:30am - woman using weed whacker in a black bikini and tennis shoes.
  • Office on Seaside Dr 9:45am - no one came filed my invoices and contracts overnight.


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